EBHS students deterime who is the GOAT from men’s and women’s athletes from team sports as well as those that compete in Olympic and individual sports, looking across all eras.

Raul Martinez, Bear Hub Staff

Throughout the past years, we’ve seen some of the best athletes accomplish the impossible in their sports. When deciding who the GOAT (greatest of all time) is, one must consider all sports across all eras. Statistics can prove one’s greatness with the number on their side. Influence from an athlete can help inspire others to become great. An athlete’s impact on history can also put them up on the GOAT debate.

Senior Saad Qureshi believes that an athlete’s history and contribution to the game can make them a contender in the GOAT debate. Saad said, “I believe the legacy that athletes leave in and outside of the court is what makes them the GOAT.” Saad is part of the 20% of voters who voted for LeBron James as the GOAT based on his history in basketball, like LeBron’s historic comeback against the Warriors and him being the only player in NBA history in the 10k/10k/10k club.

While LeBron was the favorite, Muhammed Ali made the list with 16.4% of the votes for his influence in boxing and his civil rights actions. Whether it’s statistics, history, or how they treat their fans that makes a great athlete, each athlete is unique in their own way.