A Winning Streak Unlike No Other


Rabia Mansoor, Bear Hub Staff

The Bears’ season started off a little bit rocky, with a close loss against Immaculata, but since then, there have been wins left and right. A few close losses made it look like the Bears wouldn’t step it up, but they are now going strong. The Bears aren’t going to falter because of a little dip in their performance, they will surely remain competitive for the rest of the season.

Throughout the season, they’ve won quite a few games, leading to an astonishing winning streak. Coach Murray says that “My goal is always to support the growth of our student-athletes,” but winning a few games along the way wouldn’t be so bad. The Bears were able to pull through as their coach supported them and they went on a five game winning streak. They won against Colts Neck, Johnson, Old Bridge, St. John Vianney, and Sayreville– all in a row. Unfortunately, a loss against North Hunterdon broke the streak.

But no matter their winning streak, or the number of wins they’ve made, our athletes pull through and remain strong. We’ll beat Hunterdon next year!