The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School

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The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School

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The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School

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Going For the Title

The Boys Soccer puts their all into making a title this season–discovering the values that their team shares.
Max Andreyev (12), Nathan Lopez (12), Ben Lyons (10), Samuel Negron (12), Quinten Taha (9), Maxsym Hrunskyi (11), Ryan Berg (12), Jeremy Wawa (11), Max Barsanti (12), Sebastian Feigelmuller (12), surround Alex Vasquez (12) after he scores a last minute win.

The 2023 fall season’s Boys Soccer Team is filled with persevering boys who work hard together, struggle together, and respect each other without ever losing their spirit. This fall they had a record of 10-7-1 (10 wins, 7 loses, 1 tie), and were faced with great adversity. Senior and one of the team captains, Ryan Berg, notes the beginning of the season started out 0-3, but “no one quit!”, and they ended up “on a hot streak winning 8 games out of the next 10.” But met with drawbacks that are to be expected once in a while, they fell short of winning a title this season. Regardless of the struggle to win the trophy in the Greater Middlesex Conference Championship (GMCs), what actually ended up defining their team was the camaraderie that formed between them.

Adhithya Jambhunathan (12) successfully blocks a Monroe player, gaining possession of the ball!
Nathan Lopez (12), Max Andreyev (12) Adhithya Jambhunathan (12), Samuel Negron (12), and Adrian Ignacio (11) show their camaraderie as they run together.











The energetic atmosphere within the team began with their high-spirited coach Mr. McKibbin, an EBHS English teacher, who “always shows up to practice with a smile on his face no matter what occurred in the games prior”, according to Berg. McKibbin carries a lot of faith in his team, and this shows in his praise of their “character”, as he explained his players as, “a great group of kids who always worked hard, respected the coaches, and never complained.”

Even the underclassmen players themselves see this in their senior captains, Ryan Berg and Alex Vasquez. Adrian Ignacio, a junior player, recalls how the captains worked hard to make the team more like a family through their “support and care for everyone on the team.” What helped them accomplish this was hosting team dinners at their houses “or inviting the team out for lunch after practice or dinner on random nights.” The team also carries on a special tradition of eating candy together right before the game. The team’s captain Ryan Berg adds that “this year’s team was able to create an environment East Brunswick has been lacking in years prior” and the “special group of individuals was able to create a true family bond,” showcasing the closeknit relationships that deserve recognition. The inclusivity and closeness of this team contributed to the team’s success besides the trophies they took home this year.

Adhithya Jambhunathan (12) competes closely for the ball in a heated game against Monroe.

There is also a lot of support within the team members also, eliminating the idea of superior and inferior roles, or any social hierarchical prejudices. While junior Adrian Ignacio looked up to senior Nathan Lopez for his perseverance and crediting his position and additions to the team, Ryan Berg chose to highlight the players that were not given as much of a spotlight this season saying, “they were all ready to play at a moment’s notice and give it their all and support the team no matter what.”


Co-Captain Ryan Berg (12) fights for the ball in a tricky position!







With a common goal, and an intertwined journey towards a trophy, the boys’ soccer team were all able to make the best out of their 2023 season. They were led by very optimistic captains and coaches who felt strongly about maintaining strong relationships on and off the pitch. A “special group”, as Berg notes, that shined because of their character, rather than their trophies because they saw value in each other beyond their work on the field.

Samuel Negron (12) caught in action during a game.
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