The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School

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The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School

EBHS Bear Hub

The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School

EBHS Bear Hub

Cafeteria worker, Joanna Perez, is a very respectable lady in the kitchen. She always greets and asks how the students are.

Serving Up Respect in the Kitchen

Brianna Boen, Bear Hub Staff May 20, 2022
The next time you are in line, perhaps ask the lunch lady how her day is, or even what her name is. Give her a reason to appreciate why she comes to school everyday and puts in the hard work for you.
Pose as a Kpop group, I commanded. Seniors Vincent Lee, Sean Zhang, Akarsh Srivastava, Rahul Gopus picture, Nabhan Mazid, Zain Soherwardy, and Pratik Singh delivered.

Certified Sheeshers: The BTS of EBHS

Weilin Chu, Bear Hub Staff May 19, 2022
“Certified Sheeshers are better dancers, singers and they are hotter than BTS. BTS is mid” says Jeff Chen, 12. He’s their ever supportive manager, whom they shouted out for coming up with their Kpop names.
Mrs. Roman, who just went on maternity leave, is a little nervous but also excited to be a mom. She says: “I just think Im going to be creative in a different way. I think Im going to be creative in how I care for my child. Maybe I will be creative through my child in a way, like sharing art and music and inspiring him to create as well.” Here, she is pictured looking back on a past yearbook that she created.

Finding Vulnerability and Forgiveness Through Art: Mrs. Roman’s Creative Process

Alefiya Presswala, Bear Hub Editor May 13, 2022
Mrs. Roman shares with us the value in vulnerability and how art has shaped her life.
 Senior Allie Johnson says I am most proud of receiving the Charles M. King consistency award for lacrosse. This award was presented to all seniors and me as a junior which made me feel extremely recognized for my hard work.

Lacrosse, Law, & Leadership: An Interview with Allie Johnson

Derek Maniquiz, Bear Hub Staff February 28, 2022
Senior Allie Johnson scores goals on and off the field.
Denis Parfilko dramatically poses with a skull, showing off his theatrical range.

The Next Steven Spielberg: An Interview with Denis Parfilko

Morgan Cooper, Bear Hub Staff February 24, 2022
He's dramatic and driven, Denis Parfilko is a aspiring director and a future influencer.
Everyone in the guidance department has been so valuable to me during my time in high school, and I have had such supportive and understanding teachers here at EBHS as well, whom I will remember forever says Tyler, when asked about her favorite part of being an EBHS student.

Tyler Hilton: Not Debating Herself

Morgan Cooper, Bear Hub Staff February 24, 2022
Senior Tyler Hilton has worked through EBHS on her confidence, and mock trial has helped.
Senior Bryanna Grossman holds a book of monologues as she shows off her newfound extroverted nature.

Breaking Boundaries: Interview with Bryanna Grossman

Weilin Chu, Bear Hub Staff February 24, 2022
Having a learning disability does not stop senior Bryanna Grossman from standing out on the Morning Announcements, slaying her goals, and being her best self.
Senior Vinny Taormina flashes a proud smile as he holds his track spikes in one hand and a medal in another.

Accomplished Athlete: An Interview with Vinny Taormina

Asmee Shitoley, Bear Hub Staff February 22, 2022
Vinny Taormina, 12, celebrates his accomplishments as both a student and a track athlete.
Kelly Grove, 12, expresses her love for one of her favorite songs to sing in Concert Choir. She loves this class because she was able to forget everything else that went on in my day and just focus on creating really beautiful music with my friends.

All About the Arts and the Athletics: An Interview with Kelly Grove

Brianna Boen, Bear Hub Staff February 22, 2022
Senior Kelly Grove reflects on some of her favorite parts of EBHS such as Concert Choir, softball, and Bella Voce.
Mark Shenouda, 12,  holds up a calculus book that he can use for engineering.  Many classes at EBHS have helped Mark discover his passion for Computer Engineering.

From Physics to Engineering: An Interview with Mark Shenouda

Raul Martinez, Bear Hub Staff February 22, 2022
Senior Mark Shenouda uses all the skills he learned here at EBHS to expand his knowledge and love for Computer Engineering.
Ive learned so much from my experiences in marching band. I will definitely cherish these moments for the rest of my life.

Emmanuelle Martinez: Following Where the Music Takes Her

Celia Schmeidler, Bear Hub Staff February 22, 2022
Emmanuelle Martinez marches to her own beat, "saber" in hand. This savvy performer is ready for whatever life after high school has to offer.
An avid anime lover, Nicolas Vinco, 12, puts his graphic design skills to good use designing ads as vice president of Anime Club.

Designing a Future in Business: Interview with Nicolas Vinco

Weilin Chu, Bear Hub Staff February 22, 2022
Senior Nicolas Vinco is the Design Lead of the robotics team, and a businessman at heart.
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