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2020-2021 Staff

Annaliese Simons

Bear Hub Staff

Annaliese Simons is a junior at East Brunswick High School. Her primary hobbies are fencing and writing, and despite her chronic inability to finish anything, she is often coming up with new ideas. She has an eye for social justice...

Alan Caiza-Bazurto

Bear Hub Staff

Alan Caiza-Bazurto is a senior at East Brunswick High School. He loves to travel with his family and collect souvenirs along his travels. His most memorable travels have been Niagara Falls in Canada and Montanita in Ecuador. In...

Jessica Velcheck

Bear Hub Staff

Jessica Velcheck is a senior at East Brunswick High School. She is a drum major for the EBHS Marching Band, which she has been a part of for five years. Her favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy, and her favorite series...

Mohammed Ali Alkhafaji

Bear Hub Staff

Mohammed Ali Alkhafaji, or as he likes to be called, 'Hamoodi', is a sophomore in EBHS. His favorite subjects are history and English, with his favorite forms of writing being poetry, reports, and realistic fiction. He is from...

Sarah Kincaid

Bear Hub Editor

Sarah Kincaid is a senior at East Brunswick High School. In her free time, Sarah is part of a competitive dance team and she enjoys rereading the Scott Pilgrim series and watching every horror movie possible. Sarah highly recommends...

Alefiya Presswala

Bear Hub Staff

Alefiya Presswala is a junior at East Brunswick High School. She enjoys all forms of writing, especially creative writing and journalism. In her free time, she enjoys painting, baking, and spending time with friends. She hopes...

Sabrina Portnoy

Bear Hub Staff

Sabrina Portnoy is a junior at East Brunswick High School. Her hobbies include horseback riding, shopping, and baking. She enjoys debating about significant world issues at Model UN conferences. Her favorite genres are mystery...

Jaiden Radoczy

Bear Hub Staff

Jaiden Radoczy is a sophomore at East Brunswick High School. She enjoys making things such as earrings and other little trinkets, as well as reading and writing in her free time. Her favorite genres include manga and stories with...

Kal Pandit

Bear Hub Staff

Kal is in his senior year at East Brunswick High School. He is part of the track team, as well as the cross country team. Kal enjoys reading magazines, drawing, and running. He is a fan of the historical fiction genre and English...

Ali Soherwardy

Bear Hub Staff

Ali Soherwardy is currently a senior at East Brunswick High School. He runs track and field and has been doing so for all of high school. Ali is a very hardworking and determined student that puts his school work before everything...

Mrs. Soder

Publisher's Workshop Teacher, Bear Hub EIC

Mrs. Soder has been teaching English in East Brunswick schools since 2007.  She loves teaching Publisher's Workshop and takes great pride in the class newsroom as well as all of the excellent work her students create for Bear Hub...

Mrs. Roman

Publisher's Workshop Teacher

Mrs. Roman is a visual arts teacher at EBHS who teaches Humanities, Interior Design and Publisher's Workshop. She enjoys painting, hiking, biking, playing music and hanging out at home with her husband and two cats. One can often...

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