Introducing….EBHS Bear Hub!

East Brunswick High School establishes its first online student newspaper for the 2019-2020 school year


Mrs. Soder & Mrs. Roman, Advisers

East Brunswick High School is proud to introduce, Bear Hub

EBHS Bear Hub (or “the Hub” for short) is an online student newspaper making its debut for the 2019-2020 school year.  With the advent of Bear Hub, East Brunswick High School joins thousands of schools around the country in bringing student journalism into the digital age.

The primary goal of Bear Hub is to help increase school spirit by making the EBHS community feel smaller. We are excited about sharing and celebrating news that is especially relevant to the students and community of EBHS.  

  • What Spirit Day is it tomorrow? 
  • Am I the only one feeling worried about APs? 
  • Who won the game?
  • What’s the Fall play about? 
  • Who makes the best pizza in town? 
  • What were the fashion trends at Prom?  
  • Why was Mr. Troshane wearing that weird costume yesterday?

As the year progresses, we hope you’ll turn to the Hub for answers to these questions and many more.  

Bear Hub is a publication produced and managed by the creative new course, EBHS Publisher’s Workshop. This split-department course earns students 2.5 credits in both fine arts, and English and is co-taught by Mrs. Roman and Mrs. Soder, allowing students the opportunity to learn about graphic design and journalism in one forum.  Students will learn the inner workings of an online newspaper, and develop their journalistic and graphic design specialties while collaborating to contribute to Bear Hub and a more journalistic yearbook. 

Publisher’s Workshop and Bear Hub love to make connections around the school.  If you are a teacher, coach, club adviser, student leader, or any EBHS student who loves to write, please reach out.  The best way to connect is to stop by our workshop in B23 period 12, or chat with a student who takes the Publisher’s Workshop course.   Student voice will give life to Bear Hub so we look forward to hearing your ideas and collaborating with you.