This Varsity Team is Setting Up Success

This years boys volleyball varsity team is a young one, and has been working hard to fill the shoes of their predecessors


Jonathan Lee, Bear Hub Staff

The court is a battlefield, and the ball is the weapon of choice, and EBHS’s volleyball team faced this battlefield with fierce determination. However, this year’s varsity season was a challenge for the young team, which had a sophomore, three juniors, and only four seniors.
The biggest factor for success in volleyball lies in the team’s ability to work together. Ethan Lee, a junior and team captain of the varsity team said that a difficult part of their season would be “getting our team chemistry to a solid standpoint.” With the absence of leadership from last year’s team, Lee and his teammates must find a way to leave a mark on the greater Middlesex County conference.
On April 19th, Lee and his team played a rough match against West Windsor Plainsboro South. The team was unable to come home with a victory, but more importantly, Lee describes how this game was essential to the team’s “brotherhood”.
“I think overall, even though we lost this game was probably the most important for us so far. I won’t lie, it was a tough one but as a team, we were able to score a few aces. Yeah, we lost, but I think the way we worked together through the tough situation helped us understand each other a lot better, especially since a lot of us just started playing together”.
Clearly, their perseverance through the tough game taught them a valuable lesson. A day later, they were able to ‘secure the dub’ in a home game against Old Bridge. In the first set, they scored 25-16, an astounding lead. To end the match, once again they won with a close score of 25-23.
“I definitely feel like this game was better than the one before,” Lee said after the match. “We were more coordinated and were on top of our game. Hopefully, we can keep playing like this for the rest of the season. We have a lot of opportunities to leave our mark in EB history”
As the season progresses, the team will continue to strive for more victories. Lee and his teammates continue the success of their predecessors.