The Pulse

The Pulse

EBHS’s own Music Discovery ‘Radio’

Hi! My name is Rabia, I’m a Publishers Workshop student working on The Pulse – EBHS’ own Music Discovery Radio. I’ve been super into music all my life, as my taste in music is forever changing. I’ve been through all the phases- from Taylor Swift to Metal to K-pop to Latin R&B to South Asian Classical. You name it, and I’ve probably listened to it. And I’ve always wanted to know why my other friends wouldn’t cycle through music genres the way I did.

The way I listen to music is truly an experience for me- and discovering new music is something I really enjoy. I want my peers to find new music as well, no matter what they already listen to. People tend to stay in their comfort zones and my goal is to change that.

When following along with the Pulse, you can look forward to reading about interviews with students at EBHS and curated playlists all about getting into unique music genres. I’ll share niche genres from students across the school so that you can experience something new and different with your music – straight from your own peers!

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