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The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School

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The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School

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Do you think homeroom is making an impact on school spirit?

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Behind the Curtains of the Science Department

Rabia Mansoor
Students in Mr. Daus’ Physics Accelerated class work on their Rube Goldberg machines.

When we think of our teachers and what they must be doing off the clock, we assume they’re making lesson plans and grading tests and homework – but our teachers have dreams too. One of our teachers dreams of being a doting father, another might like to be a caterer. Or maybe they’ve got an interesting past – being a soldier in the marines or traveling across all 50 states. These are EBHS Science teachers.

The interests of our science teachers help them be creative in their own ways, coming up with new ideas to expand the department even beyond the high school building. Chemistry teacher Mrs. Barton tells of new events where the high school will extend it’s reaches to the elementary school, “This year I am looking forward to having science night for the elementary students… This will be a night where the high schoolers do laboratory experiments with the elementary students, so they can learn and interact together.” Some old events that were on hiatus because of the pandemic are also back this year, like Science career night, where Science teachers and the EB Community that works Science-centered jobs share their experience and career with the students of EBHS who aspire to find their career paths in that same way. The Science League teams are competing again, and they plan on bringing new wins for EBHS.

Student Leonardo Leto checks up on his terrarium in APES with Mr. Murray.

And while some students, like those participating in Science League, find ease in the subject, other students find that they need some help. Science is known to be a particularly hard subject, especially since classes like Physics and Chemistry involve math in them as well. Some students (like myself) turn to AI for help, and some teachers like Mrs. Post almost encourage the use of AI, saying “if used properly, these resources can have a positive impact on studying,” She explains how for a subject like science, the answers have always been “out there,” but its up to the students to be responsible in the way that they use those resources. But some teachers, try to prevent AI use in total, by trying to “connect the content [that they teach] to their everyday lives,” as APES teacher Mr. Murray explains when asked about how he makes his class easier for his students. Him and nearly all the other science teachers at EBHS offer before and after school help for those who need it, so instead of turning to Chat GPT, you can pull the curtains of the Science department aside, and step into a world where science becomes easy through the teachers at EBHS.

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