Creative Cases


Trinity McDonald, Bear Hub Staff

AirPods, the new thing that everyone wants! Ever since wireless headphones became a thing, people want to have a creative way to express themselves with their cases. Luckily, there are plenty of unique designs to protect your devices.

Some cases are simply solid colors for your AirPods, while other designs have stripes or polka dots. Other cases have flower or marble designs. If you feel inclined to do so you could even paint one yourself and show off your creativity. The cases are a way to express yourself and to know which are yours if they get lost.

Some cases are wacky, colorful and fun, such as the food themed cases. You could get a french fry case or a bubble tea case. The foods are interesting but they could be huge such as one avocado AirPod case that is cute but it is on the bigger side. Another type of case that has been popular is Disney inspired cases. You could get yourself a Stitch or Winnie the Pooh case, a Minnie or Mickey and many more. So do yourself a favor and get a case today.