New Year, New Field

Students, Athletes, and Coach’s are ready for the school’s new football field.


Jonathan Lee, Bear Hub Staff

The brand new football field, bright green with clean white lines, brings excitement to the students of EBHS. As many students saw from the school year’s first home football game, the older track pales in comparison to the new field. Construction on the new field began last March and will be completely finished by October. Not only was this an extremely long project, but it was also an expensive one. The new track cost upwards of 2 million dollars, making it a large expense to the community. However, the excitement from students makes the cost worth it.

Because of the construction time of the track, many sports were unable to have their practices on the field. However, the new field has gotten many students excited for their sports and home games. “A new track would be great for the (track) team, and should result in a lot of fast times,” says Coach Degioacchino. Because of the new material of the track, not only is it extremely durable, but it also can increase the performance of those who run on it.

Aside from the track, many students are also excited about events that will take place on the field. Eric Shibhu mentioned that “the football game was really fun to watch with the new field,” after the home game last Friday. With the varsity-level sports the high school offers, athletes, coaches, and student spectators will be able to enjoy the benefits of a new track, adding a new level of excellence to the school’s athletic department.