The Importance of Physical Education being Taught in Schools.


Students in 6th period gym running for fitness day.

East Brunswick High School, the home of the bears! Over 2,000 students attend our schools. We all faced many struggles during our teenage lives. The Covid pandemic being one, forcing everyone to stay within the walls of their houses, away from friends and even for some family. EBHS students not only dealt with the struggles of the pandemic but also the daily struggles of teenage life itself. Mental Health has been a large issue amongst teenagers, many EBHS students have struggled with Mental Health, often resorting to bad habits to help us cope with our problems.

Students Erika Riggio, 10, Isabel Wolfenden, 10, and Emily Friedlander, 10, running around the gym for fitness day.

Physical Activity is a proven way to improve mental health, “Sports & physical activity are great for releasing endorphins within our bodies that make us feel happy.” Said EBHS Teacher Mr. Sundberg. With mental health being a large issue amongst teenagers, Physical activity is a great way for teenagers to destress and keep their bodies healthy. Physical Education being taught in Schools is a way for students to work physical Activity into their daily lives. EBHS PE classes offer students many different choices in what want to spend their gym period doing. The Wide variety of classes the PE department offers gives students a chance to try many different things and build new skills.

Student Julian DaSilva, 11, takes a small break on the bleachers after running.

Physical Activity and Sports have many benefits, students who are more physically active often perform better in academics and are more productive. PE Teachers strive to make fun and engaging classes for students, to keep them participating. PE teacher Ms. Takacs, who teaches the tiktok dance classes here at EBHS says, “I hope to bring variety to the Physical Education department with my dance classes. I’m glad I can provide a different option to students who are curious I also hope to

An EBHS student walks around the gym as a warm-up before class begins.

expose my students to forms of dance they haven’t seen before.” She exposes students to dances from different decades, the dances she believes would be on TikTok if TikTok had existed back during those times. Students have a wide variety of classes they can take during gym, such as weight room, volleyball, backyard/elementary games, basketball, and more. PE teachers work hard to provide students with fun activities that keep them active and engaged throughout the period.


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