Get to Know the East Brunswick Marching Band aka the EBMB

The East Brunswick Marching Band, (affectionately known as the EBMB), is an extracurricular activity available to students from eighth grade all the way to their senior year. Directed by Mr. Brian Toth, it consists of students practicing, rehearsing, and eventually performing their yearly themed show.

With rehearsals on both Monday and Wednesday evenings, accompanying the football team for home and away games on Friday, and performances at competitions on Saturday throughout the beginning of the school year, the EBMB is constantly working to improve (and ultimately perfect) their show.

Due to the amount of time that we spend together, Marching Band becomes an outstanding bonding activity; perfect for those who seek to make new friends, or would just like to be a part of something new. It is like a second family for many members at times (especially since some seniors have a penchant for “adopting” underclassmen), and simply because of the bonds one acquires throughout a season of music, sweat, and tears.

In addition; when traveling to competitions, we get to watch other marching bands perform and subsequently have our show scored by judges. While we wait anxiously for the scores to be announced, we often shout chants to keep up morale. After competitions, many people go to iHop as a celebration of all the work we put in to get to this point. There is a lot of effort that is expected of all participants, and as other athletic coaches expect 100% of the students in their respective activities, so does Mr. Toth.

If you would like to join the EBMB, come to our interest meetings in the Spring! It is highly recommended to bring some type of padding for your shoes and an abundance of water. This is even truer during band camp, which consists of eight-hour days where we get together and rehearse with the goal of a performance by the time school starts.

Marching band is a fun experience that we highly recommend for anyone willing to put in the time and effort. There are few things more satisfying than finally putting together the third part of the show and performing it to applause from a large crowd. To enlist in a section of the band that plays music (woodwinds, brass, drumline, or front ensemble), you need to be involved with at least one school music program. That means either Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, or Choir. However; even if you are not in one of these classes, you can still join the Color Guard, making this pastime available to all. In conclusion, ravioli is the stuff for us!