Certified Sheeshers: The BTS of EBHS

“Certified Sheeshers are better dancers, singers and they are hotter than BTS. BTS is mid,” says Jeff Chen, 12. He’s their ever supportive manager, whom they shouted out for coming up with their Kpop names.



“Pose as a Kpop group,” I commanded. Seniors Vincent Lee, Sean Zhang, Akarsh Srivastava, Rahul Gopu’s picture, Nabhan Mazid, Zain Soherwardy, and Pratik Singh delivered.

Weilin Chu, Bear Hub Staff

First seen this year singing “You Belong With Me” during Bubble Tea House, Certified Sheeshers rode on their hype train to Asian Night, during which they danced to “Boys With Luv” (“‘cause we’re boys without love,” they said, “no don’t include it!”…sorry) and sang to “Call Me Maybe”. Hype aside, they popped off, as the audience would all agree that they were funny, entertaining to watch, and their high kicks were at least 9.5/10. To that, Sean aka Jungkook Zhang, 12, said: “Highest kick I’ve done in my life”. I can attest, as forgetting I had socks on, I had tried out the kick myself at home for fun and promptly slipped and fell over. Kicks aside, I’m sure the question looming on every fan’s mind is: How did Certified Sheeshers come to be? In fact, multiple people have hit me up with that inquiry. “It’s because we are certified and we make the women sheesh,” answered Akarsh (AkaRM) Srivastava shamelessly. The real ones know it’s not just the women who are sheeshing after their act though.

We also know that behind every great performance is tough scheduling and dedicated practice, and the same could be said for Certified Sheeshers. “It was hard to get the whole group together so we practiced individually, but during spring break we were able to get together in Pratik’s basement. We also practiced on a tennis court because of the flat surface. We practiced our craft, recorded every practice, and perfected it. There’s a Youtube channel called Ellen and Brian, which we watched for the dance tutorial. The hardest move was definitely the first 2 steps,” said Vincent Lee 12, aka Jincent. “Nah it was the kicks,” interjected Pratik (Halsey) Singh, 12, demonstrating the foot work.
Choosing the songs took some trial and error as well; they were going to sing “Baby” by Justin Bieber but thought better of it, and I’d say they made a great decision. “Certified Biebers” would’ve been a sight to witness after all.

All the hard work paid off though, and they too were satisfied. “The dance was immaculate, the singing part was mid. We were relying on the hype to carry the singing part, but we did ourselves justice,” said Nabhan, or N-hope Mazid, 12. I bet the audience would agree too– that their charisma and stage presence could totally rival that of BTS. They certainly had a presence during the interview– crowding around energetically and talking over each other so much that I cannot guarantee that the included quotes were actually said by the person named.

Now for two final shoutouts from the group to you: First to the awesome Gabe Mercado, for designing the merch they threw to their raving audience. And second, a special shoutout to all their fans reading this article right now: “This is not the last time you’ll see the Sheeshers!”

Jincent Lee, 12, and Jungkook Zhang, 12, remaking their heart pose during “Call Me Maybe”.

Saranghae <3– from Certified Sheeshers to you…