Girls Winter Track

Learn how the girls persevere all the way through the finish line.


Pictured here is junior Nicole Tomasik, who placed 4th at the Nike Nationals 4×400 relay.

Alefiya Presswala, Bear Hub Editor

It’s a windy Wednesday afternoon. Through the rustling of trees and sound of sneakers hitting the track, Coach Calderone gives the girls winter track team a pep talk. “Success doesn’t come overnight” and important reminders about ‘mindset’, and ‘focus’ resound across the field. The motivation in the air will fuel the runners as they race their way to victory.
A group of persistent athletes, the girls winter track team doesn’t know the meaning of giving up. And even when they do feel like giving up, they know how to help each other out. Junior Nicole Tomasik said that “even though sometimes it was cold and yucky outside, the friends [she] made along the way pushed me to do [her] best and it taught [her] that mental strength is sometimes stronger than physical strength.”
And push themselves, they did! The girls have a lot to be proud of this season. According to Coach Calderone, the team “finished 2nd at both the GMC Championships and GMC Relays this winter. After placing 2nd at both meets, we are hungry to win a team title.”
If the girls continue to put in the effort they have been, there is no doubt that they can achieve all their goals.