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Eating Out in East Brunswick

June 12, 2023

Hi guys, my name is Jonathan Lee, and throughout my years living at EB, I have always visited the same few restaurants. In the following blog posts, I have returned to some of my favorite restaurants and done a small review, with some of my favorite things and my favorite foods from each. I hope that by spotlighting these restaurants, more students can learn about some of my favorite places to eat in East Brunswick.

East Brunswick has a lot of restaurants, and narrowing them down can be really tough. During my talk with junior Brendon Law, he mentioned how he “loves to hang out, but there’s always an issue of going to a restaurant that’s too expensive, and ending up having to pay for something above my budget.” Having a lack of spending money is an issue for a lot of students, so things that are affordable are really important. Thus, another factor that I take into consideration is the availability of student-friendly promotions or discounts. Brendon highlighted the importance of finding restaurants that offer special deals for students, saying, “Discounts or student meal packages are always a bonus. It allows us to indulge in good food without putting too much strain on our wallets”. I completely agree with Brendon, and I always keep an eye out for restaurants that offer student-centric promotions to make dining out more affordable and enjoyable.

Aside from just budget, another important factor in a good restaurant for students is the location. For Brendon, his favorite restaurants are where “there’s a lot of things to do; for me, eating at the mall is a great way to hang out, as it’s really convenient especially when I’m shopping. At EB mall, I can spend hours shopping, and then follow it up with a nice meal.” When coming up with a list of restaurants to visit, I made sure to think of a place that would not just have ample seating, but also a variety of activities to do around it.

Lastly, I prioritize restaurants that offer diverse menu options, catering to a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions. Brendon expressed his appreciation for restaurants that have a wide range of choices, stating, “I think it’s also important that restaurants can accommodate different dietary needs, including vegetarian or vegan options. This ensures that everyone can find something they enjoy.” I couldn’t agree more with this. In a diverse student community, it’s important that restaurants can cater to various dietary requirements or just preferences in general, making it easier for everyone to eat the meal they want.

In conclusion, when I chose restaurants in East Brunswick for student-friendly dining, it involved several important factors. Affordability, location, budget, student promotions, and menu diversity were all crucial aspects I kept in mind. By taking these factors into account, students can find fantastic dining options that not only fit within their budgets but also offer a fun experience. So feel free to enjoy trying some of my recommendations, or look for some of your own!

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