‘Tis the College Application Season

While the college application process can be stressful, knowing that there is unlimited support here at EBHS helps make this transition easier.

Ms. Rice and the other guidance counselors are always available to help during this time.

Ms. Rice and the other guidance counselors are always available to help during this time.

The clock is ticking for seniors as college application deadlines inch closer and it’s important to stay organized so there isn’t any last minute cramming. Even more important, however, is taking time to yourself. Self care is critical to one’s overall well being, and doing something enjoyable can help ease stress levels at this time of the year.

From left to right, Alexia Newell (12), Brandon Eigen (12), and Estelle Lee (12), take a relaxing stroll on the beach. Estelle Lee comments, “Getting away from the stress of applications for a bit and enjoying some scenery with my friends provides some much needed relaxation during senior year.” (Asmee Shitoley)

Ms. Rice suggests, “Whether it’s something as simple as taking a 15 minute break when crammed with a lot of work, setting aside time to hang with family or friends, or engaging in a physical activity, these things need to be a priority.”

As for the current juniors who will be applying next year, Ms. Rice has some wise words: “It’s important to build relationships with your teachers because towards the end of junior year, you need to ask them for letters of recommendations. I’d approach them in person because face-to-face communication is more personable and if the teacher has any questions they can be discussed.”

From self-care practices to supporting staff, EBHS goes above and beyond to provide the seniors with the encouragement and inspiration they need to put their best foot forward and submit their best applications.