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The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School

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The Living Yearbook of East Brunswick High School

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Rivalry in the Halls: Asia Le’s Take on Homecoming Decorating

How Asia Le took a tough situation and turned it around for the better after a challenging homecoming hallway decorating competition!
Class Council 2025 President Asia Le (11)
The Class of 2025’s Roaring 25’s Homecoming Decorations

In an October interview for the school’s Clarion newspaper, Asia Le –as the President of Class Council 2025– delivered a strongly opinionated take on how she predicted the annual homecoming hallway decorating competition would turn in the junior class’s favor for a change. She was confident that the Class of 2025 would break the Senior’s three-year winning streak, making sure that the sophomores would not serve as competition to their class either.

“When we had an idea for the decorations, it was a very strong vision that we had planned in our heads beforehand,” Le explains. She even goes on to describe her class as “hyped” and “very prepared” going into the competition.

However, these confident claims before the competition were not made without reason as Asia Le had noted that, “the sophomore class did not have a president or an executive board when the competition was drawing closer,” and she was even informed that, “they were not yet organized as a club” being that it was still so close to the beginning of the year.

Nevertheless, upon going into the competition, the President’s previously high hopes had rapidly declined, “it was incredibly stressful at the moment, whereas the sophomores and seniors looked as though they were having a lot of fun and had music playing.” Asia Le then adds her assumption of their class’s downfall which was that there were “significantly less people participating in the competition than the sophomores and seniors.”

Asia Le’s attitude shifted after actually experiencing the competition. She found the environment to be more chaotic than she had imagined. With this, it turned out that their previously “strong vision”, while well-crafted and planned to the best of its ability, was not executed during the competition the way that they had hoped, marking an unanticipated outcome: the seniors had won.

This prompted a surprisingly cheerful response for Le, who claimed that upon hearing the Homecoming decoration winner, she found herself proud and joyful for her upperclassmen. She described herself as “genuinely happy” for her senior friends and was grateful that she had the opportunity of taking part in the competition leading up to homecoming.

Asia Le’s camaraderie in the homecoming hallway decorating competition proved EBHS capable of friendly competition among students. The classes were able to engage in playful rivalry, but in a way that would not cloud friendships and unity between the different grade levels. While Le initially came into the competition riled up and rooting for both herself as well as her junior peers, the noticeable change in what she recalled being a “hectic competition” also shifted her attitude towards being happy for her classmates, and proud of her own grade for their decorations just the same.

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