Deck The Halls With Tons Of Students

Administrative perspective on being back together in crowded halls.


Morgan Cooper

The mass of students traverse the crowded terminal between classes. Mr. Petronko, GLA 11, says that “although the halls seem pretty crowded, mask wearing has been universal and students have been diligent about moving from class to class efficiently.”

Morgan Cooper, Bear Hub Staff

Returning from remote learning and having so many students in the building may feel new to both sophomores and juniors, but to the faculty of the school this is a welcome familiarity. Mr. Petronko, the junior grade level administrator, often stands in the terminal when students are getting into the building, and when they are passing between classes. When asked about how he feels about these bustling halls, he said “I’m excited about students being back. Being together, in person, allows us to build and maintain the sense of community that is integral to the high school experience.”

With Covid, the terminal seems like a super spreader, but Mr. Petronko assures us “the District and our School have taken precautions whenever possible to minimize risk, and students and staff continue to be very understanding and helpful in adhering to our safety protocols.” Having faculty that cares about its students is important, and EBHS is lucky to have them.