Worried Expectation, Relieved Reality

Some seniors have a negative perspective on late in/early out this year, but every situation has a silver lining.


Brianna Boen

Jessica Hansen, 12, is extremely relieved to have a period where she can sleep in. She has her late in ID ready to show the security guard.

Brianna Boen, Bear Hub Staff

The security guard checks to make sure Skye Pomales, 12, has her late in ID. He is very strict about students having their IDs when entering the school.  (Brianna Boen)

With this year’s shift to block schedule splitting a typical full schedule between two days, some seniors are disappointed that they are only able to use their late in/early out period every other day. However, they still take a chance to look at the bright side.

Skye Pomales, a senior who has late in, expresses her opinion as someone who is experiencing these adjustments for the first time: “I’m just happy to have the free period and to be back at school. I mean it’s not exactly what we wanted, but there are some positives to it.”

She’s right. Students who have late in have about an extra 40 minutes to sleep in due to longer periods this year compared to last year’s virtual learning. Furthermore, lunch is also close to the time they arrive at school. Those who have early out and lunch 3C can leave school two periods early if they want to.

Although seniors didn’t have the senior year they were fully expecting, they are happy to be rekindling in-person relationships with their peers and making the most out of their final year of high school; and when it comes to this particular senior privilege some students may even prefer school this way.