English Honor Society: Gelast Sceal Mid Are

The honor society’s motto translates to “Duty Comes with Honor” and affirms an obligation for members to use their talents in service to others.


Andrew Yuen

Maggie Golberg, 12, discusses the upcoming meetings and potential events at an EHS Executive Board meeting.

Andrew Yuen, Bear Hub Staff

Bags of books pile along the walls, post-its with names and ID numbers being hastily attached as dozens crowd into the room. Just a week into the annual book drive and already hundreds of books are collected. Bags of chips lay on every table as hands entangle for the last Flamin’ Hot Dorito. For the next hour, members work on holiday cards that will be placed into the donation books. Cards range from traditional folded letters to triangle-shaped pop-ups with small poems in them.

English Honor Society provides a platform for members to share their love for literature through various creative activities. Along with the yearly book drive, members can participate in monthly book reviews that are featured in The Clarion and volunteer at various English-related events. EHS Co-President Sarah Taffet says “I joined EHS because I wanted to become involved in the school community. For me, it’s important to emphasize the significance of English and to share my love for literature with such a large group of students.”