Give Me a Hand, Will You, Old Sport?

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

Almost forgot to update you all on my Cinco De Mayo festivities, how silly of me! Senor Borden came into the culinary arts room to teach us all about the holiday and he even played a bunch of songs by well-known Spanish artists. I wasn’t too sure what the people were exactly singing about in these songs since I myself prefer the language of French more but nevertheless I was still ready to get up and do some salsa dancing to them. I also got to see the popular dish of pico de gallo and tostadas made by Senor Borden, accompanied by the wonderful Ms. Greenberg. Usually I am opposed to anything besides Eggo waffles at seven in the morning but I have to say, the pico de gallo was definitely worth it. I think I’m going to ask Ms.Greenberg to start a band with me, don’t you think that would be awesome? The guitar can’t be that hard to learn right? And we could name our band Picodegallo, just one word though. Not sure how that would really be pronounced as one word but I think our fans will be able to figure it out. Wait, do you think we’d have groupies?