“Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow”

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

Please tell me you have all been able to experience the dream-like state you go into once stepping foot into the A-Hall bathroom, because it’s truly like no other. And I swear I’m not insane and placing an emotional attachment to a simple restroom, well maybe only slightly- I suppose it’s just unexplainable really, it feels like a tunnel of dreams once inside. A-Hall bathroom takes you to a new world. Like Alice in Wonderland- where I’m Alice of course! And all I see when entering is a field of daises and a rainbow among the clouds, with rabbits, and loads of tea! -Oh, and those mini cakes, but only the ones made in England because somehow those are just more wonderful.

My dearest A-Hall bathroom, I could write love sonnets for you. Hundreds of love sonnets- an ending as tragic as Romeo and Juliet, yet the tale would be beautiful. In a few short weeks I will never feel that fantasy atmosphere presented in A-Hall. The words etched into walls, the mirrors of random markings, the hand dryers loud enough to be heard from down the hall. Oh how I shall miss it, but I shall always remember the time we shared- with tears, and laughter, and Mr.Pellicane’s bathroom pass I forgetfully left behind numerous times.

If only Shakespeare had attended EBHS-he could have written something great about it, no doubt. Alright, alright, enough of the pressure, I shall write for you the opening lines of the sonnet- maybe I can inspire Shakespeare with my own words. It would go like this I believe;

My lonely, pitiful heart doth swell at the sight of thee,
And I shall only wish to conjure a human soul who holds the same beauty.
But until my time to rid you goodbye, and infinite love I shall upon you bestow
‘Tis a shame to waste a love for who is not you, but let us not think of our future tale of woe.