Cars, Planes, and Trains, Oh My!

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

You know, I specifically told Dinusha not to park in the staff parking lot but of course she didn’t listen to me and parked there anyway. I’m rolling my eyes at her currently if you couldn’t imagine that on your own.
Oh wait- I wanna tell you what I’ve been thinking about recently. So a lot of people have this slight obsession for trains (which seems slightly boring to me but whatever) and I don’t really wanna associate with that activity, but I have a wonderful new idea for myself. I think I wanna get into planes? I’m not cut out for real planes but I’ve been dabbling in the art of paper airplanes in my free time lately and if I’m honest I think this could really go somewhere for me!
I have decided to name one of my planes after Zendaya.
Do you ever just think about Zendaya and know that for a fact she is definitely a lover of paper airplanes? because I have (like all the time that thought is running through my mind). I’m gonna mail her this plane- Oh or better yet, I’m gonna fly it to her! Shouldn’t take too long right? How many days does traveling by air take to reach Zendaya if I don’t know where she lives? -Eh, I’ll figure it out.