An Apple a Day Keeps the Planes Away

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

SO here I am, with the lovely Aribah Khan, after we stopped for some coffee to go. I think coffee can pretty much be for every season- am I wrong? I mean, it could be iced or hot so technically it never goes out of style. But like what about hot chocolate? Only crazy people would be caught drinking that in the summer- well unless it’s cold- but that’s just chocolate milk isn’t it? Have you ever had apple juice while riding in an airplane? Personally, I think it tastes much better than when drinking it at ground level. Maybe something about the atmospheric pressure and the certain concentration of apples? I’m not sure. If anyone knows any pilots, could you please ask them if they know why apples juice tastes better while traveling through the clouds? They should know the answer to that I’m assuming. Sounds like what you would learn in basic pilot training class 101.