My Last Bow *emotional*

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

Here I lay- just a distant figure in the background, but what else is new. I remain in an oversized East Brunswick Bears t-shirt-apparently they don’t make correct sizes for actual bears- and my mind is occupied with an overwhelming feeling of fading memories.

Beside me sits my muse, my inspiration, my lifeline- a dog by the name of Gatsby, the “great” if you will. With the eyes of T.J. Eckleburg closely watching the two of us, and the rest of you as well- I am well aware that our future lives will bring splendid opportunities and eminence.

It’s been fun EBHS, but time moves on and so must I, I will no longer be the first- well who am I kidding, probably the third- bear that comes to your mind, but do not forget my name- do not forget me. At this time I am accepting fan-mail and love poems you may have written for me, in return I will leave nothing but the words previously recorded from my own being. Enjoy them, ponder them, dream about them.

Until we meet again far into the future, this is Buchanan signing off.
Much love to you all, now and for years to come.
Farewell friends.