Snowflakes and Smiles: Winter Toy Drive and Door Decorations


Adhitya Srinivasan, Bear Hub Staff

As winter rolls around, the students in EBHS decide to get into the holiday spirit by decorating their homeroom doors in a winter theme. During homeroom, students worked on their creations using materials such as paper for snowflakes, cotton balls for fake snow, and construction paper to cut out winter animals. Some students took a more traditional approach by covering their doors in red and green paper, while others took a more creative approach and brought in an inflatable Santa Claus balloon. The end result is a series of beautifully decorated doors that brings the winter spirit to EBHS’s hallways.

The holiday season is a great time for EBHS students to come together and give back to those in need. One way of doing this is through the winter toy drive. The EBHS winter toy drive is an annual event that has grown in size and success over the years. The drive collects donations of toys, gifts, and money which are distributed to children in need during the holiday season. In the past, the toy drive has collected as much as $5,000 in donations making it a major success for the school and community.

One memorable moment in the history of the toy drive was several years ago when the students in Mrs. Rocha’s class set a goal to raise the amount of money that represented their graduation year: 2012. To their delight, they met their goal, making it one of the most successful toy drives in the school’s history. The success of the winter toy drive is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the students and community at EBHS.