What week should Spring Break Be?

How students in EBHS feel with the current date of Spring Break


Andrea Goldstein 10, finds time during school to pray even when he is busy.

Derek Maniquiz, Bear Hub Staff

This year’s much needed Spring break has finally arrived for students here in EBHS. Having a 10 day break from school gives students’ time to relax and spend time with people they are close to. However, more students are taking the next week off because of religious reasons, causing EBHS students and staff to consider the question: Should we change the date of EBHS’s Spring break?

Spring break is meant for both students and teachers to have a break for the upcoming semester, but with the growing Middle Eastern community in East Brunswick, there’s a wide array of religions and cultures.

Sophomore Marco Fouad discusses how Orthodox Easter “is important because it’s the resurrection of the son of god and it’s important to show how we thank god for sacrificing his own son for everyone’s sins.”

He continues on and talks about how he would love it if the date of Spring Break would be moved to the following week for Orthodox Easter “ Our spring break is the week before Holy week and in Holy week I like to spend time with family by going to Church instead of school.”

Savaan Dass, a sophomore in EBHS, doesn’t mind the current date of Spring Break but wouldn’t complain if it was moved to coincide with Passover. “ For spring break, it doesn’t affect me either way. I’m not super religious, but I do know it’s important to other Jewish students that go to a religious school.” For many people in the school having Spring Break changed to the next week is a necessity for them to celebrate their holiday without interruptions and most people in the school who aren’t religious wouldn’t mind the change.”

Though having Spring break early is nice for some, having it pushed back to the next week would make students not miss the week we come back from break and can be beneficial for the community and its students here in EBHS.