The World of Food Shopping

A survey on the world of food shopping, and the positives to it.

The World of Food Shopping

Dina Elhaddad, Bear Hub Staff

“People see big stores with big letters and walk in, unknowing of the adventure they’re about to have.” Grocery stores, such as Walmart, Trader Joe’s, and ShopRite are the reason some EBHS students enjoy their days. Paralleling atmosphere to fun with the employees, has an equal amount of adventure in these stores. From chilling in the aisles, to actually shopping for food, students at EBHS share their experiences through a survey about food shopping and grocery stores.

The survey revealed the most popular grocery store to be Walmart. Most students who chose this grocery store also chose the atmosphere and therapeutic shopping to be an aspect of going to these stores. Though Walmart’s slogan is “Save money. Live better. Walmart.”, prices weren’t the major reason to go to this grocery store. We spend most of our lives wandering the aisles in grocery stores, going over grocery lists, without paying attention to the miracle happening in front of our eyes as we fill up grocery carts.

Before the pandemic, shoppers were more abundant to enter these stores, with open hands and full wallets. Due to a higher rate in unemployment, most people won’t buy groceries in bulk. As the vaccine is more and more common, food supply demand increased heavily and more shoppers have arrived in stores. We buy foods to demonstrate that we are health-conscious or proud of our sweet tooth. Food helps us explore the wonderful tastes, recipes, and ingredients, which help take our minds off of the stresses in our lives.

There is a continuous competition between grocery stores all over the world. They target a demographic – like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, for example, target those who are focused on health-conscious food choices. Some of these stores use bright, pastel colors to draw attention to the boxes and bags.

Whether you go to the grocery store for the atmosphere or the low prices, you can enjoy almost every aspect of the store. There are so many adventures to be experienced within each aisle, whether it’s the beauty and hair aisle or just snacks. They are so convenient and make every trip comfortable and exciting.