Checking In: Folio’s 2021 Progress

From logos to submissions, EBHS’ Folio club has pushed through the limitations of Covid.


The cast of Folio appears on a Teams meeting, head haunch Kyle Laforge speaking to the students.

Jessica Velcheck, Bear Hub Staff

Back in November, Bear Hub covered Folio’s plans and activities, mainly regarding the creation and ambitions for the club’s social media accounts. Alongside that, we reported on the virtual Gallery Night that the members were attempting to put together, to be showcased on their online accounts. Unfortunately, a lack of submissions halted any progress and the Gallery Night could not take place.

“There wasn’t enough music and art for a gallery night,” explained Cloud Li, Folio’s current Vice President. “We haven’t had many [magazine] submissions, so that’s why we’re doing logos and cover designs.”

The logo that currently sits supreme as Folio’s choice.

Folio has been in search of a new logo to represent the club, and one has been tentatively settled on. Cloud elaborates, “We’re sort of collecting them through the year to see if anyone can top it.” So far, the challenge remains unanswered, but there is still plenty of time left in the school year to influence that portion of the club’s future.

Such things have kept the club busy since November, while plans are made for when the snow melts and activities can take place outside. The snow piles accumulated in the area have been thick and unrelenting, with the recently warm days finally beginning to unearth the grass underneath, making it difficult to plan anything outdoors. If the sun continues to shine as it has been, melting snow and drying the resulting mudpuddles, soon enough the ground will be clear for Folio members to stand with each other once more. “We’re trying to do something like an in person outdoor gallery night in the late spring when the magazine is published, so it’s also going to be like a magazine launch” says Cloud about any current details regarding plans.

Though the past few months have provided some hurdles to jump over, Folio members have processed and voted on whatever magazine submissions they received. As well, on a Teams meeting that took place, members that were comfortable with it got on camera and posed for a virtual group photo! That being said, the magazine is in need of more submissions to process, and the winter weather has kept a lot of things to the planning stages. The future looks bright yet, and with student submissions, Folio’s online presence can be kickstarted to life.