Snapshot! November is Folio’s Month to Get Rolling

Folio is the resident club for absolutely anything related to art- music, photos, and inspirations and during the pandemic, the club remains active.


Spooky! Adrian Sorice, 11, spruces up his ghost costume with some snazzy shades and poses on the tracks to capture this Folio submission. Photo credits to him and his timed-camera!

Jessica Velcheck, Bear Hub Staff

A pandemic cannot fully inhibit art. Though many of Folio’s iconic events–such as its annual Gallery Night–cannot be held for the foreseeable future, its annual magazine can still be developed to perfection. Folio has also taken more steps to solidify its path as a club this year, including electing a leadership board and creating accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

The complete list of the board remains unreleased, but faith in the group is strong. “I think that our board members have a really good shot at being able to work together and make folio the best we can this year despite the circumstances” states Adrian Sorice, 11, who was elected to Head of Social Media this year.

With their new Twitter and Instagram accounts, as their new Head of Social Media, Adrian has the responsibility to set precedents and decide what Folio’s social media will represent. And he already has ideas; “I envision that in the near future we will be able to feature submissions -anonymous or not- on our social media pages and be able to give the students of EBHS a platform to share the things they’ve created that maybe not everyone gets to see in their day to day life” he states. “I think it’s important that every student has the chance to show off their artistic talents and potentially be recognized on our page.”

Meanwhile, the club has been taking the time to comb through submissions received in October to decide what gets put into its annual magazine. Creations of many kinds are featured, including visual art, photos and writing. It gives anyone a chance for their talents to be showcased, and allows the club members to have a hand in the assembly of an official publication. Along with Adrian’s vision of what Folio’s social media will be, now is a better time than ever to indulge in the arts.

With everything else, the club is working to put together a virtual Gallery Night to make up for the lack of one in person. It will be showcased primarily through Folio’s social media accounts. Anyone can submit any poem reading, visual art works, or music by December 15th to [email protected].

You can follow updates on Folio and see showcased art on Twitter (@ebhsfolio) and Instagram (ebhs_folio). Submissions for the magazine are still open, and can be sent to [email protected]