What Would be the Title of Your Autobiography?

An autobiography is like taking a literary selfie. It gives a person the ability to take a snapshot of their life and look back at it for a moment of self-reflection before going on and having more capturable moments. What would be the title of your autobiography? A strange question, but an important one nonetheless…

Sabrina Portnoy, Bear Hub Staff

With this question in mind, I reached out to some people in the EBHS community through a survey to see how they perceive themselves.

Eternal Fatigue”

— Nathaniel Starr, 11

How Did I Get Here”

— Siri Desari, 11

EBHS Junior Alefiya Presswala explains that the reason why she would name her autobiography, Alfalfa The Great, is because “in second grade, my teacher couldn’t pronounce my name and she called me alfalfa. She would call me it over and over again even when I corrected her and it just became my nickname in Spotswood.”

One Way Ticket to Clown Town”

— Saranya Guttikonda, 11

In the Making”

— Marisa Rogers, 11

Isabella Laszlo, 11, tells Bear Hub that she would name her autobiography “Steps to the Top.” She says, “I was thinking if I was to write one, I’d really want to go into the different events or “steps” that have shaped me into who I am and how just like a set of stairs, I go up and become better and better through these experiences that I’ve gone through, good or bad. The only way to improve is by going up. Throughout my entire life, I’ll be going up these steps because I’m always improving myself.”

Overall, I would like to say that these responses did not disappoint. While some took the more philosophical route with their response, others took the prompt as a joke. This survey truly reflected the different ways people view life. One important takeaway is that the students of EBHS all have their own interesting stories to share. If it were up to me, I think my title would be a reflection of how my life is going so far: “A Crazy Beautiful Mess.” So I ask again, what would the title of your autobiography?