What’s so Great about Group Projects?

In a time where we get little social contact in school, group projects are a great to interact with classmates more and know your groupmates better


Minatallah Alkhafaji, 11, discusses what design her group will use when it comes to the rain alarm she is building. “I am the person who came up with the base plan” She told Bearhub.

Mohammed Ali Alkhafaji, Bear Hub Staff

Part of the responsibilities of a student is to complete their work by collaborating with other people, and sharing ideas. Within the virtual learning environment, group projects have been one thing that actually has not received many changes. Students still share with each other ideas, come together to work on the project, and split up the work.

The stay-at-home environment has turned group projects into some of the most fun activities. In recent times, students have been interacting less and less with each other, and these projects are a time which allows this.

Kaylie Bartoszek, 10, is currently working on a group project for her English class,where she stated “I love to listen to my other group members’ ideas because it keeps my mind open to all the possibilities and ideas I could add on in the future.”

Minatallah Alkhafaji, 11, is partnered up for one of her elective classes, and she sees herself as the “glue of the group that makes sure everyone is working effectively as a team and staying on task.”

Group projects are some of the most interesting activities that students can participate in, which the people of EBHS adore for its ability to help students interact with each other.

“My favorite aspect of group projects is that we are able to get other peoples perspectives, especially since we have all been isolated for so long, it’s nice to work on something that’s with others.”
-Madelynn Haber, 10