Supplemental Instruction: A New Addition to EBHS

In the virtual classrooms around EBHS, students and teachers are constantly engaging in acts of excellence with honor and integrity. They’re constantly adapting to new changes in learning and teaching.


On December 17, supplemental instruction was canceled because of Winter Storm Gail. “It’ll be time to get outside, take pictures and enjoy the moments these times bring,” said Superintendent Dr. Valeski in a phone call to the EBPS community.

Kal Pandit, Bear Hub Staff

One way they’re doing so is through “supplemental instruction”: a continuation of the hour-long periods in the morning. For two classes each day, students are in class for an extra thirty minutes after the lunch break.

Students use supplemental instruction to take tests, review topics, work on assignments, and get extra help. And “supplemental” is another way for students and teachers to interact more often–especially amid block scheduling, in which classes only take place every other day.

Senior Matthew Tiongko tells Bear Hub, “It allows time for extra questions.”

With the rapid pace of virtual learning, it’s hard to keep up with supplemental instruction (or even realize that it exists). In fact, in last-ditch efforts before the end of regular classes, the same question is on everyone’s mind: “Do we have supplemental?”

Fortunately, there’s a calendar available with the supplemental periods for each day. EBHS’s technology leaders have been stressing the importance of syncing the school’s calendar to our own. The calendar serves as a “nudge” to guide EBHS through the right classes, especially if you have alerts set up.

Sometimes, though, EBHS just needs a break from the extra Teams calls. The days without supplemental instruction provide just that.

“I live for the days I can nap after last period without having anything to worry about,” senior Ali Soherwardy shares.