Say Bye to Sophomore Year Concerns

Jumping into new schools is always exciting, but jumping into a new school while also going fully virtual is a different experience.


Rayaan Saleem, Bear Hub Staff

Zafir Ahmed, a sophomore at EBHS says, “being fully virtual I feel as if I have more freedom, and it made the transition to EBHS a lot easier in comparison to transitioning to other schools.” Another support that can make this transition easier are sophomore interviews.  EBHS counselor Lisa Nelson tells Bear Hub,”An assignment will be sent out on canvas fort all sophomores to complete.” The assignment Ms. Nelson is referring to is the sophomore interviews.

With this transition some sophomores haven’t been able to come to terms with this new school experience. The sophomore interviews can play a big role in helping students when they transition to EBHS. These give sophomores insight into what they should expect for their sophomore year of high school and provide an introduction to their counselor, someone who will be around to help them should they feel uneasy or confused about anything. Sophomore interviews also discuss the PSAT which can be a nerve wracking topic that sophomores worry about.

Personally as a student who has both changed schools and went fully virtual, I look forward to the experience of telling my counselor all of my concerns and questions. Aiden Baldelli, a sophomore at EBHS says,  “I am looking forward to when the sophomore interviews will be sent out!” Aiden has been doing the hybrid form of learning and was looking forward to meeting with his counselor in person. This year being different he won’t be able to meet in person but will have all his concerns addressed online.


Aiden Baldelli (10) smiling after his counselor relieved him of all his stress about the PSAT. He happily reads his email from his counselor.