(Support)ing the School

An exclusive on the support staff and how they support everyone at EBHS!


Sabrina Portnoy, Bear Hub Staff

Last holiday season, the main office staff dressed up in ugly sweaters to take some cute pictures at the holiday party before winter break.

The support staff of EBHS are truly what make our school run smoothly. From taking attendance to issuing ID’s, our support staff keeps everyone organized and productive. Hana Zimmerman, 11, agrees that “they do a good job making sure everything is in line and have always been very nice!”

Due to hybrid/virtual school this year it has been difficult for the support staff to communicate with the students. Interactions are “mostly via email now” says Mrs.Ferro, however, they are trying their best to make it work.

When asked what their favorite part of the day was, the response from each member of the support staff was overwhelmingly similar. Maria Wood answered that her “favorite part of the day is seeing the students first thing in the morning and at the end of the day.” Ms. Helmold added that she loves “when a student makes a connection that they were struggling with prior. I believe in my students abilities, so when they accomplish a goal, it is priceless.”

I think we can all agree that the support staff are truly amazing at what they do and are essential to keeping EBHS a positive and helpful community.

The support staff smiles at the Buddy Ball sign up station, eagerly waiting for students to sign up for a game of Fast Break.

Students are especially fond of Maria Wood who sends out the Essential Bearings email with an inspirational quote every Friday. When asked about the switch from in person to online school Maria Wood said that what she misses most “is seeing the students in person” and it is safe to say that the students of EBHS miss Ms. Wood just as much as she misses them. Reva Bahuguna, jokingly, even goes as far as to say that “Maria Wood is the love of [her] life.”