5 Ways the 90s are Making a Comeback

5 ways the 90s are coming back in style in 2020.

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

Kimi Arato, 11, rocking the classic 90s mom jeans and crop top.

1. Mom Jeans
One of the biggest hits of the 1990s were its ever so classic mom jeans. Now, in 2020 everyone’s got to have a pair of them, so you can forget about skinny jeans.

2. Cassette Players
Music is pretty much vital in life, so why not bring back a cool way of listening to it everywhere you go with a cassette player.

3. Oversized Jean Jackets
Denim will never be too overrated. 2020 is the year of oversized clothes, especially jean jackets.

4. Butterfly Clips
These plastic butterfly hair clips were a true staple of the 1990s teen fashion, and now’s your chance to rock them in 2020.

5. Doc Martens
The 90s was the birth of the Doc Marten craze, and every teenager had to have a pair. Lucky for you, these shoes are totally in style this year and are becoming super popular once again.