Survey Says… Let’s Play Family Feudalism!

Mr. Troshane does not teach your typical AP class. Perhaps most famed for his array of historical costumes that quite literally bring history to life, he makes history interactive in a way that transcends textbooks and lectures.


Sophie Brown

Mr. Troshane emulates a feudal lord in medieval Europe to teach his AP World History class. “He was so happy. It was so wholesome. I love WHAP,” says senior Jackson Lee, who is in Mr. Troshane’s period 12 class.

Sophie Brown, Bear Hub Staff

Sophie Brown
Mr. Troshane proudly presents his superior flair for graphic design with a Microsoft Paint spin on the Family Feud logo.

From King Darius to Octavius Caesar to Nikita Khrushchev, Mr. Troshane’s costumes span thousands of years of world history, and his dress-up days are obviously a fan favorite. Family Feudalism did not disappoint; with a crown atop his head, he waltzed about the upper lab of the media center, a feudal lord among a class of serfs. In teams of five, students gave their best answers to the top ten questions on the board, from “How did feudalism promote stability in medieval Europe?” to“What did each group gain socially, economically, or politically?”. Each “family” hoped that feudalistic Steve Harvey, incarnated as Mr. Troshane, would declare them the class champs.

“The fickle nature of today’s world can be so frustrating,” says senior Ananya Chandra, a student in Mr. Troshane’s 12th period WHAP class. “That’s why I find myself so enchanted by history. I am constantly immersed in new knowledge during Advanced Placement World History.”