Show Some Spirit!


Sam Fox, Bear Hub Staff

Monday: Hawaiian Day

To start off this spirit week, it was decided to hit things off with the fan favorite, Hawaiian Day.  On this day, we encourage you to enter school wearing something you would be wearing if you were laying on a sandy beach beneath the sun in Hawaii, drinking an ice cold Pina colada. An idea could be a Grass hula skirt, with a flower necklace and flip flops if you are a girl.  For guys, a nice Hawaiian shirt with cargo shorts would look snazzy.

Tuesday: Twin Day

On Tuesday, EBHS is doing something a little different called twin day.  For this you need a partner that you will look identical to.  It could be your: friend, best friend, cousin, anyone as long as they go to this school. Whether you guys are wearing the same clothes, or even copying each others motions, we highly anticipate for you to grab a bud and start planning for this day.

Wednesday: Character Day

Wednesday October 23rd, right smack in the middle of the week will be Character Day.  Pick your favorite character in any Movie or TV show and dress up like that a character.  For example, if you’re a Pirates of a Caribbean fan, you could wear a big gold hoop earring in one ear, with an eyepatch, and a hook as your hand.

Thursday: Hippie Day

Better start growing your hair out because on Thursday its hippie day.  Yes, we get that it’s 2019, however in the spirit of the 60s, we want you to walk into school in baggie weird clothes like you’re about to see the Rolling Stones live at Woodstock after listening to them for hours on your record player the night before.  We’re going to whisper you some words of wisdom and tell you that this day will rock!

Friday: Color Wars

Finally, on Friday, October 25th, we will be ending spirit week with Color Wars.   This day you will dress according to your grade.  Sophomores will be wearing green, Juniors wearing black, and Seniors in white.  We hope everybody goes all out for this one.  From face paint, to a green dress your grandmother knitted for you, we want to see you get crazy with this and support your grade! Get out here and show your spirit!

Spirit Week
Get ready to show some Spirit!