Boys Baseball 2023


Adhitya Srinivasan, Bear Hub Staff

With the start of spring sports, many students at EBHS are filled with excitement and anticipation for the chance to show their skills on the field. Unfortunately, the school’s baseball team suffered a tough loss in their first game of the season. However, the players refused to let it bring them down and instead used the experience as motivation to come back even stronger. With unwavering determination and skill, the team went on to win the next three games of the season. Each victory boosted their confidence and improved their teamwork, setting them up for a successful season ahead.

Coach Kenny, the head coach of EBHS’s baseball team, takes a unique approach to leadership. “I do not believe in choosing a team captain,” he explains. “My job is to teach the skills of the game and motivate each player. I explain that this is their team. They need to take ownership of the effort, attitude, and character of each player. ” Coach Kenny believes in empowering his players and allowing them to take ownership of the team. “I have always stressed to my team that true captains emerge and take control,” he says. This philosophy has led to a strong sense of unity and teamwork within the EBHS baseball team.

The benefits of playing team sports extend far beyond the scoreboard. As Coach Kenny of EBHS’s baseball team emphasizes, teamwork and communication skills learned on the field translate to success in all aspects of life. “Team sports, in general, teach a lot of useful skills that will be used for the rest of your life,” he explains. “Sports will teach responsibility, commitment, and organizational skills.” With the challenges of the pandemic, these skills have become even more important. “Sports have obvious health benefits such as improved self-confidence and improved physical health and are a great pressure and stress reliever.” The EBHS baseball team’s determination and resilience serve as an example of the many benefits that come with being part of a team.