The Bears’ Activity Fair

With the pandemic comes a new form of the activity fair.


Katherine Lau

Carson He and Devin Hect enjoy the outdoors as they present their club, The Clarion to other students.

Raul Martinez, Bear Hub Staff

A great way for clubs to recruit new members is through the activity fair. The fair allows students to learn about clubs and find out how they can join them. With the pandemic and social distancing, this year’s activity fair was outside around the school of EBHS. Many students enjoyed the fair, some even wishing they had more time to explore.

Zafir Ahmed, a junior at EBHS shares his thought on the event being outdoors saying, “I really liked how my friends and I got to take a break from our class and explore new clubs at the high school.”

While students such as Zafir got to enjoy their time outside, some felt that they were a little rushed. Steven Chase, a senior at EBHS says “I thought it was cool to be outdoors, but I felt that seniors were a little rushed and I felt that I only got to see to see half of the clubs around the school.”

Although the activity fair wasn’t what students expected, it was a new way for students to interact with friends, while learning about clubs. Hopefully next year, seniors will have more time to discover more clubs, but at least everyone got to enjoy some time outdoors with their classmates.