Goodbye Teams, Hello Club Activities

Clubs can be your resource for free food again!


Weilin Chu

Italian Honors Society has nailed the art of teamwork as some members start prepping their bulletin board while the rest of their team help get supplies.

Weilin Chu, Bear Hub Staff

“What is the best way to get people’s interest?” “What is a good bulletin board theme?” These are just some of the questions weighing on exec board members’ minds as they rush to and fro to prepare for the upcoming activity fair.

Yet despite the workload, there is an undeniable sense of excitement in the air now that clubs are no longer confined to screens, because they can do so much more than before. They can entice potential members by handing out snacks, and take advantage of their leadership positions to come up with creative and hands-on activities for members. In fact, Anime club went as far as to prepare delicious ramen stickers, along with Japanese snacks like hi-chew and fruit candies to hand out tomorrow.

“I think it’s amazing that we get to go back into real life clubs. It’s so great to finally meet everyone in person, as it really sucks to just do a Teams call. Everyone will be able to have more fun experiences and learn more in person” says Dominique Nones, 11, a fellow board member of French Honors Society. She’s right- in-person clubs just hit different, especially because field trips are a possibility again.