In and Out of Clubs

Virtual meetings made necessary during remote learning may remain an essential part of clubs for the foreseeable future.


Raul Martinez

Saad and Shaheer, board memebrs of MSA hang up their poster hoping to recruit new members.

Raul Martinez, Bear Hub Staff

2021-22 is EBHS students’ first year back with in-person club meetings since covid-19 impacted in-person learning in March of 2020. While students enjoy seeing their peers in person, the use of digital meetings may have changed clubs forever. In clubs such as MSA, Key Club, and more, the board members meet in person and virtually. On Zoom, the clubs discuss their ideas for future events and then conduct their plan for the next in-person club meeting. While it can be awkward using Zoom, digital meetings provide flexibility such as meeting at any time, calling anywhere, and sharing screens. On the other hand, meeting face-to-face could provide better connections with peers, no technical issues, and fun activities.

Whether or not students prefer in-person or virtual, they have to accept that this will most likely be the future of club meetings. While digital meetings have their pros and cons, students will still be able to meet and discuss their ideas and inspiration.