Lunches In the Auditorium: A Unique Sophomore Experience

The move from the cafeteria to the auditorium came as a surprising change to most sophomores.


Sophomores Cristopher Sant’Anna, Jayon Vasquez, Leonardo Ruperto, and Abraham Algerin enjoy hanging out in the auditorium during lunch.

Alefiya Presswala, Bear Hub Editor

“I definitely didn’t expect eating in the auditorium to be a part of my high school experience,” said EBHS sophomore Rimona Zhang.

During the second week of our return back to fully in-person learning, all sophomores were instructed to report to the auditorium during lunchtime in an attempt to follow social distancing guidelines and facilitate physical distancing in the cafeteria.

Seated towards the front of the auditorium, Samara Stein told the Hub that it’s difficult to eat in the auditorium at times. “There’s no tables, so we just eat everything in our laps. And not really meals either, just anything that can be held in our hands,” she said, holding up her cup of yogurt. Sophomores Aleena Perez and Lana Zaki, who were using their laps and trays as makeshift tables, agreed with Samara.
On the other hand, sophomore Cristopher Sant’Anna said that sitting in the auditorium is cool: “It’s pretty fun in here. It’s like our own little space, you know? We’re here with only people we know.”

For sophomores, eating lunch in the auditorium has just been another adjustment that comes with transitioning to a new school, but they are making the most out of it. As sophomore Rimona Zhang told the Hub, “the auditorium is a better choice for the safety of everyone’s health.”