It’s Summer Time

Come find out how EBHS plans to spend their summer.

Rayaan Saleem, Bear Hub Staff

A week left before school ends, students are getting plans ready for the summer of 2021. If you are wondering what to do over this summer, take a look at what our high schoolers are planning to do.

With 147 compiled results from EBHS seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshman; 62 people responded that they would be hanging out with their friends. Musab Tariq (10) told Bear Hub, “Covid is still heavily affecting us, so my parents aren’t too keen on traveling anywhere too far.” Some people, including my own family, agree with this.

Coming in as the second choice, 53 people have chosen to stay home over the summer. Youssef Abdelhalem (10) tells Bear Hub, “I think with Covid around and many people having strict parents I am just going to stay home and enjoy playing games on my computer, and occasionally hanging out with my siblings.” A lot of strict parents aren’t willing to even let their children out to meet friends, so staying home is an option many have chosen.

Coming in at last, 32 people have chosen to go out of the state or country which makes a lot of sense since so many people are still scared of Covid-19. Zafir Ahmed (10) tells Bear Hub, “my family had plans to travel but we aren’t completely sure if we still want to go.” Covid is still playing a big part in people deciding on thei summer plans, however, a lot of people will still try to have fun during summer. What are your plans for the summer?