The Path of a Samurai

An epic sword fight experience where every moment determines life or death.


Gear will help you greatly in your journey, granting you passive abilities that will help take care of enemy waves.

Alan Caiza-Bazurto, Bear Hub Staff

Ronin the Last Samurai, is a casual, hack-and-slash, action game created by Dreamotion Inc. where you are put in the shoes of the last samurai of a war-ravaged era in which your lord and emperor was slain. In order to avenge your lord you must level up, collect various equipment and materials, and unlock new abilities that will help you down the path of revenge, which is an especially perilous one due to the fact that when you are slain you must start back from the beginning. While the game only just came out back in January of 2021, it has received much praise on the app store having over 1 million downloads in just one month, along with also being compared to a famous action adventure game called Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, which has received many awards such as “Game of the Year”.

From my personal experience with the app store and the low quality games they usually contain, I was genuinely surprised when I first noticed that this game was near the bottom of the list on the app store’s top chart games since it was very well-stylized and playable on nearly all devices. Aside from the basic things that make it stand out like the graphics and character designs, the controls and gameplay feel very fluid with every move you make. Whether that means facing 1 or 3 enemies at a time, your character will quickly carry out the commands you set forth with every tap of a button. Allowing players with quick reaction speeds to counter nearly every enemy without receiving a scratch allows this game to reward certain playstyles, especially players that are more patient with learning about enemies and their weakness and attack periods, making them the fastest to slay through wave after wave of enemies.

Ever since covid came around and restricted many from going outside, you can take comfort in knowing that companies such as Dreamotion Inc. are making sure you have fun while indoors, sharing their current slogan which states: “We create high-quality games faster than anyone else with a focus on core fun.”