A Final Season of High School Sports: Reaching the Bar for the College Level

Four years of hard work has finally paid off!

Ali Soherwardy, Bear Hub Staff

They’ve been doing it for years. Everyday, in rain, sleet, or snow, you would find them working harder than the others. When everyone was at home in 90 degree weather, they’d be on the turf fixing up their game. This drive, motivation, and will power is only found in the Student Athletes at EBHS. And among these hard workers are the ones that are able to stand out, in the county or state as a whole.

Brian Mcsweeney, Senior, stares down the runway at one of the few summer pole vaulting meets.

For the past year they have been honing in their skills in order to show college recruits why they would be the best. However, it hasn’t been the easiest for them. Covid 19 surely changed up a lot of things by canceling the Spring season of 2020, which was the most crucial for these athletes.

Mcsweeney working hard, researching numerous colleges to see where he will fit in best.

Brian Mcsweeney, Senior, has been pole vaulting since his freshman year and is now one the top Pole Vaulters in NJ, impressing many recruits in his recent years. However, he lost his Spring track season and was not able to showcase his abilities. “I was so hyped for spring because I wasn’t able to demonstrate my true abilities in winter due to a concussion” he says. “The loss of the spring season then hurt even more, but I was able to adapt around it.” And he did so by simply doing what he does best, working hard. Over the quarantine and summer, he continued his exhausting practices and would try to jump at any meets he could find. The virus stopped him from competing but it didn’t stop him from being the hard-working athlete he’s always been.

Mcsweeney also needed to go the extra mile to speak to these coaches. “I filled out tens of recruiting forms so these colleges know I am interested. Many also contacted me in various ways like email, instagram, and many more…The coaches are also going through the same pandemic we are, so it helps a lot knowing that they are so willing to help.”

With one last year charted for the class, every athlete is trying their best to cherish their soon-to-end highschool career while also trying to broadcast their skills before it’s too late. Covid is causing limitations on meets, practices, and the overall team dynamic, but these athletes are not held back. Pandemic or not, the class of 2021 will always be those hard working athletes that they were when they entered the highschool sports scene 4 years ago and hopefully many of them find themselves playing on a collegiate level.