AP Exam Season in the Coronavirus Era

As the month of May progresses, the stressful testing period for high school students all over the country moves forward with full-force: AP exam season.


As AP exams go online, students find themselves having just 45 minutes to earn some college credits.

Caroline Serpico, Bear Hub Staff

As the world faces a global pandemic, EBHS faces these unprecedented circumstances head on in AP testing season. What was anticipated to be a classic testing season has completely changed in regards to the studying and test-taking process for everyone. Preparation for exams has now moved into online discussion boards and zoom sessions as young test-takers do their best to earn some college credits from the confines of their own home.

In a survey of 50 EBHS students, participants were asked how confident they felt going into AP testing under these new circumstances.

With these uncharted and strict guidelines for the testing season, this leaves many of the EBHS community with mixed emotions. In a survey done of 50 EBHS students, 42% feel more confident they will do well on their exams from home. This feeling reigns true for students like senior Cassandra Ren, who says she “relied purely on [her] notes,” and feels more confident in her score. Due to the College Board’s decision to make all tests open, this has alleviated a lot of pressure for students allowed for a lax learning environment.

However, a relaxed learning space from home can reap the opposite effects for some students. For senior Jolie Harmon, the studying process has been difficult to acclimate to from home, as she and 24% of others claim they feel less confident in the outcome of their exams. “[It has] definitely [been] hard to self motivate, and I have experienced more procrastination than ever before in terms of studying for AP exams. But our teachers have been helpful in providing us with resources and studying tips despite the distance!”

While some find themselves at the extreme ends of dealing with this adjustment, others find themselves ready to proceed as they normally may have during AP season. Senior Milindi Shah, along with 34% of those who took the survey feel equally as confident in their testing abilities from home, as they would in school. In preparation for her exams, Shah shares she has “been making study guides for [her]self, taking practice exams, and watching the College Board’s videos on YouTube specific to the subject.” By effortfully establishing a routine, Shah demonstrates that studying for the exams will come naturally and leave you prepared.

While the circumstances are completely unprecedented and challenging for everyone to adapt to, EBHS students prove their strength in the face of adversity by pushing through with exam season despite all uncertainty. If EBHS can give their best effort from the walls of their bedroom, EBHS can get through anything.