Staying Active During the Quarantine

Students across the globe are trying to find ways to stay active while stuck at home. Read more to find out how they have found ways to stay active and be healthy even with strict social distancing guidelines.


Joseph Ramnarine, 12, has been taking advantage of the nice weather, “reaching new heights, both literally and figuratively,” as he explores new trails in New Jersey.

Andrew Yuen, Bear Hub Staff

With billions of people under stay-at-home orders, it’s easy to get caught up in a Netflix binge or long periods of boredom. Here at East Brunswick Bear Hub, we were interested in how students across the world were staying active. With over a hundred responses to our survey, we were shocked by the plethora of activities and hobbies people have picked up during this quarantine.

Over 60% of respondents said they were walking outside or exercising regularly in order to stay healthy. Sarah Taffet, 12, says she is staying active “by taking advantage of the nice weather to walk or hike. If it isn’t nice outside, I’ll try to exercise in my basement.” Others, like Sophie Brown, co-editor at Bear Hub, say she “tried baking at the beginning of quarantine, but I quickly discovered that I was really bad at that, so I gave up and stuck to walking and running around my neighborhood instead. Mostly because anyone can do that.” That sentiment was shared by many, who encourage others to just get out(with a mask and proper social distancing guidelines!) and walk around their neighborhood.

Many others have found new hobbies or further explored existing ones. 26% of respondents said they started reading a book, with some of the titles being Dune by Frank Herbert, Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourn, and the AP Biology Exam Premium Review by The Princeton Review. More than 24% are practicing their instruments, 22% are baking/cooking, and 20% online gaming. Students greatly varied in their activities during quarantine, but most importantly they are all staying active somehow.
We encourage all of our readers to go out for a walk or even pick up a new hobby. As Franklin Choi, 11, says, “Find what you love and do it a lot.”

Below is a slideshow documenting a few student’s activities in quarantine: