How much exercise are you getting during Corona quarantine?


Sam Fox, Bear Hub Staff

For the past few weeks the Coronavirus has shocked the world. Being stuck in our homes all day, everyday has made it extremely difficult to do the things we did on a daily basis. Exercise is a big activity that has taken a toll. With all gyms across America being closed, we can’t do workouts with machines that we are used to, such as the Bench press, Leg press, and Treadmill.

Publishers Workshop took a survey on how much exercise you’ve been getting during the break. Out of 50 people, 11.3% got no exercise, 17% got 30 minutes to 1 hour, 43.4% got 1-2 hours, and 28.3% got 2+ hours. Zane Taha 12, who gets 1-2 hours of exercise says, “Being stuck in quarantine limits me to only doing Pushups and Sit-ups.” On the other hand people such as Clara Deguerre get no exercise. Clara explains, “I’ve been too busy with homework that I haven’t had the time to exercise. That, and I have no motivation to leave my bed.”

With all the free time we have day and night, if you want to work on your summer body, this could be the time to get things started.